Saturday, August 25, 2007

This month's rescue...

Yup, once again, this time by my dear sister's hands another furry (and in this case, spiky) little lost critter. This little fellow was found wondering the street away from his natural habitat and visibly hungry. Concerned with what may happen to such a peaceful little critter in a back street where rats are as big as rabbits, she craddled him with her coat and brought him/her (can't tell, as we tried and we ended up with a spike ball in our hands)home. Feeding hasn't been a problem, they eat everything from dog and cat food to grapes and other fruit and he/she was no different, in fact, can't see any food in front, gone in 60 seconds. As for other care, a hot water bottle and a soft corner to sleep seems to do wonders (sleeps for hours on end). Anyway, here's Bernardino ( as we called him/her):

Until next time,