Friday, April 03, 2009

It's been a while...

It's been a while since I have posted in my blogs as I have been extremely busy, but I miss it and blogging can be a good way to unwind among other things. I have been shooting occasionally lately as I other commitments took over, but my Flickr page has been more or less updated with a certain frequency (if you can say that...) with some stuff from both the vault and stuff that I have the chance to shoot.
Anyway, being the beggining of April and given the current world financial crisis, it was impossible to ignore the G20 protests, which I had chance to photograph. It was the first time I have found myself in a situation of such tension as a photojournalist and frankly I wish I didn't snap away like a robot as I filled up my cards before the major clashes. I have a handful of photos of the clashes but in a way the photos I have show another side to the protests, a side that shows that for the most part it was a peaceful protest, an intense and tense one, but peaceful. I believe that a small faction decided to wait until the police started to open up the streets to wreak havoc and start a riot. Nevertheless, it was perhaps clearer than ever before the discontent of the masses with the increasing divide between classes, the global economics and climate issues, that the time for change is now.

And now, for some photos (click the set below, more to come):

Until next time,