Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blind Shots - From BELOW the hip!

Hello again, friends and passers by,

It's been a while since my last posting, but I have finally been able to manage to have some time to do some more photography work, including updating this blog and starting to work on my website which has been under construction for a good while.

Having had the day tottally free today, I thought to myself "Why don't you go and enjoy the day doing what you love most", so I packed my newly bough Fed 4 rangefinder which has ISO50 film in it (in fact, this Fed 4 is a stand in for a retired Zorki 4K, that ended up being autographed by the one and only, David Bailey). As I looked outside, I realised the light was not really for slow, ISO50 film so wanting to do some street photography, I packed my lovely Fujifilm S3 pro instead into my bag along with a Sigma 18-125mm, Nikon 50mm and 75-240mm lenses and off I had gone to do some street shooting. I wanted to try something new and hone my skills at taking blind shots - shooting from the hip - but as I found a bit awkward using this camera from the hip, I decided to set the 18-125mm lens to its widest, up the ISO to 1600 and just have it on my hand as if I was casually passing by and aim at subjects I found interesting without disturbing them making them lose all naturality. The camera was pretty much almost at my knee. I haven't dabbled enough in this type of thing, but I got some surprisingly interesting results and I sure will do this more often.

Check out this session here

There's also some new handheld street night photography here , using my Samsung GX-20 for anyone interested to see how it handles in the dark at high sensitivities, or just to appreciate the wonders of the night through the lens. Enjoy!

Until next time,