Thursday, February 01, 2007

Back to Basics....

I have to admit that having to use digital these days has made me a bit slack. I was also a bit tired of seeing my images imediately and kind of missing the depth and tonality of has something that digital in all it's quality can't still quite hack it...some nice black and white film....developed the old fashioned, hands on way, attention to detail in the process... I always have this feeling that I produce my best work with film...maybe because I am more patient with it?...In any case, I tend to feel more fulfilled with it...a test of my photographic capacities, getting back to shape, was what I I decided to retire my digital cameras for a while, bought some chemicals (Ilford DD-X Developer, Kodak Indicator Stop and Jessops Fixer) and a few other bits and bobs for developing. Made a date for last weekend to go shooting so I packed my recently acquired Nikon F80 with 35-80mm Quantaray and 75-240mm Nikon (loaded with Kodak Tri-X), along with my Minolta Dynax 5 its 28-100mm and 75-300mm (loaded with Ilford Delta3200) and off I went on a long walk. I just wanted to capture something especial, something that would only be there on that moment...and I am of the opinion that film is the best medium for it...Cutting the story short, here are the results, from the Tri-X, developed with Ilford DD-X and scanned with a film scanner.

"Loose Readings"

No Title

No Title

Next week, I will develop the Delta 3200 and see what I got. If you are interested,these prints will be available for sale in my website ( which will be launched soon.

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