Saturday, January 16, 2016

Loose Fujica 35EE lens barrel? It's a very simple fix

Loose Fujica 35 ee lens barrel? Here's the solution which I found by going the wrong way about it ( I disassembled the camera unnecessarily). Open the back and you will spot the two grooves on either side of the lens back element. Use a couple of precision screwdrivers or anything appropriate and safe and turn it around if I remember, clockwise. I am posting this because I haven't used my Fujica for 2 years, as there's nothing online to describe such a simple fix. A repairer suggested that the lens barrel had to be opened but it doesn't at all. Hope this helps someone out there. Until next time, Luis


Axio matic said...

Hi there,
I have a Fujica 35EE and the aperture blades are a bit sticky and slow when trying to adjust them. Do you know of anyone who does a normal CLA on this or of there are any websites that do? I've looked around and haven't found anything.

Luis Rubim (aka Dr. Uberfunk) said...


It's not that complicated to fix yourself. You need to get yourself some graphite dust and a cotton bud. I found this to be better than the usually recommended lighter fluid. The front element of the lens is easy to remove given that you can fashion yourself a circular torsion tool of some sort. I used a small clean aluminium round Vaseline container,put some double sided strong tape around the edges and unscrewed the front plastic bezel and then the element. I then applied some graphite dust,and with a cotton bud VERY LIGHTLY spread it on the blades. Then it was a matter of exercising the shutter and apertures a bit. But be very careful to not get graphite dust to fall in further into the lens and onto the back elements. You can use a vaccum cleaner at the end to remove excess dust, but its best avoided letting it reach the back lens elements.

This is the method I use and works well with all my cameras. Lighter fluid can at times make things stickier so I just usually avoid it most of the times unless I need to clean rust.

Hope this helps.