Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More Foveon magic...

Hello again,

I am still putting my Sigma SD10 through its paces and quite frankly it's been a great experience, I can't put the camera down. I snap all the way and having in mind what the sensor can do makes me see things differently. At the end of this day, I downloaded the photos to the computer, let Sigma Photo Pro do it's work, inputted my settings and then I had a shock...from this supposedly 3.4MP sensor as some class it, I can output an A2 size print!! There was a slight misfocus on my part but it is still a very printable and sharp picture.

My only niggle throughout my testing is that the Sigma 70-300 Macro Super lens I have, is too soft at the long end or at least my copy is (meaning that full face candid portraits even though good, were soft). That means next on my shopping list will be the 70-300 APO DG, which I have on my Minolta and it is a top performance entry level telephoto lens. The Aspherical HF lenses in fact behave very adequately and that Foveon quality still shines through.

Here's the A2 printable photo (scalled down for web). Please point your browsers to http://foveon-factor.blogspot.com for this photo and more, or click on the link on the right hand side.

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